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on 17 Maret 2023 22:11:55
  • Pengurus Pusat

Hematology Reference Values in Indonesian Children

Every laboratory need a reference interval value to compare the results of each parameters to be used in interpreting the laboratory result. Although every laboratory should establish its own reference values based on the genetic background, gender, diet, environment and other local factors, not all laboratory can produce its own reference interval value. Its is important that each country should have its local reference value, which is sometimes different compared to other countries. To make a reference interval value for a specific population the laboratory should have a certain number of healthy subject that can represent the population. A reference value for adults is more easier to be establised, but reference value for children is very difficult to be produced. The Indonesian Association of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine has compiled the hematology results of several populations of children from different age as a reference value in population. This reference value interval hopefully will be useful for clinicians and contribute for better care of pediatric population in Indonesia.


Authors :

- DR. Dr. Ina S. Timan, SpPK(K)

- Prof. DR. Dr. Aryati, MS, SpPK(K)

Date of Publication : 1 Januari 2023

Edition : First

Pages : 16