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on 25 Januari 2023 07:50:59
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Dear Prof./Doctor/Mr./Mrs./Ms.

The Indonesian Cytometry Association (ICA), International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC), the Live Education Task Force (LETF), the Indonesian Society of Clinical Pathology Laboratory Medicine (ISCPaLM) Denpasar and the Indonesian Association of Clinical Chemistry (IACC) Denpasar proudly present

ISAC Bali Workshop on Flowcytometry

This seminar will be held on:

Day / Date : Thursday-Saturday, February 16-18th 2023 

Time : 08.00 – 16.00 WITA 


Prama Sanur Bali Beach Hotel 


Day 1 Basic Flow Cytometry

Lecture 1: Basics of Flow Cytometry (Zosia Maciorowski)

Lecture 2: Multicolor Flow Cytometry: Principles and Panel Design (Zosia Maciorowski) 

Lecture 3: Gating Strategy and Data Analysis [Clinical L&L Perspective] (Paul Wallace) 

Practical Session (Wet Workshop)

1. Multicolor FCM Panel Design, Instrument Setting and Compensation (Zosia Maciorowski & Paul Hutchinson)

2. Data Analysis Start from Basics, How to Display Data, Gating etc (Paresh Jain)?

Day 2 Clinical Flow Cytometry

Lecture 4: Immunophenotyping for Acute Leukemia: Diagnosis and Monitoring (incl. MRD) (Paul Wallace)

Lecture 5: Immunophenotyping for Chronic Lymphoproliferative Disorders (David Westerman)

Lecture 6: Immunophenotyping for Multiple Myeloma (Paul Wallace) 

Practical Session (Dry Workshop)

1. Immunophenotyping in Acute Leukemia Cases: Gating Strategy and Data Analysis (Paresh Jain)

2. Immunophenotyping in Chronic Lymphoproliferative Disease: Case Discussion (David Westerman & Paul Wallace) 

Day 3 Research Flow Cytometry (Hybrid Session)

Lecture 7: Extracellular Vesicles Analysis (Paul Hutchinson)

Lecture 8: FCM Applications in Infectious Disease (Paul Hutchinson) 

Lecture 9: FCM for Research/Spectral Flow (Paul Wallace) 

Lecture 10: QC in FCM (Zosia Maciorowski) 

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For more information, please kindly contact us: 

Dr. Ami +6281805512498

Dr. Ika +6289666668441

Save the date, 

Hope to see you there!